• Public Sector Governance
  • Public Sector Management
  • Establishment, Personnel, and Training
  • Management of Public Buildings
  • Public Sector Reform and Mobilization
  • National Mobilization
  • Adult Education
  • Ecclesiastical Affairs
  • Friendly Societies
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • National Assistance
  • Reform Schools

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Description of Departments/Portfolio

Public Sector Governance - Governance is a key element of the link between society and economy. It relates to the strength of Dominica’s institutions, the systems we have in place for management of resources, as well as the quality and methods of our government-to-people interaction.

Public Sector Reform - Coordination of activities to restructure and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Public Service and improve the delivery of services to the public

Citizen Empowerment Providing opportunities and access to citizens to develop capabilities that are valuable to actively participate in the development and decision making of a community. This also includes National Mobilization which is the process of bringing together partners to raise awareness and demand for a particular programme to assist in the delivery of resources and services and to strengthen community participation for sustainability and self reliance.

Social Justice – promoting Human Rights, equity and justice for all citizens. The Ministry will focus on providing support to existing departments and institutions that fulfill a similar mandate

Ecclesiastical Affairs – The Ministry will serve as the focal point for Government’s relations with the religious community, promoting freedom of workshop and involvement of the religious community in national development.