Establishment, Personnel and Training Department

What is the Establishment, Personnel and Training Department about?

In determining the most appropriate measures to be used to respond to challenges faced in the management of the Public Service, the Establishment, Personnel and Training Department is guided by the public’s desire for improved service delivery. The Department is currently engaged in a comprehensive programme to improve Service Delivery through e-Government and the enhanced use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and will continue with a number of these strategic initiatives.

The Department is committed to being a Model User of e-Government and ICTs and will be engaged fully over the next year in re-engineering of its business processes, in collaboration and coordination with other agencies such as the Public Service Commission. The introduction of a Document Management System (DMS) and the upgrade of our Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for the Public Service will contribute significantly to this objective.

Our staff remains the key to our success and we will continue to improve our capabilities to train and retain our staff within a human resource management and development framework that recognises both the requirements of the organisation and the needs and skills of individual staff members.


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